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Measurement of geometric accuracy of machines and accurate positioning of coordinates with the option of analysis, evaluation of tilts and deformations, introducing new corrections into the CNC systems. These measurements are done using the laser interferometer Renishaw, maintaining a high accuracy and reliability of the measured data. The evaluation is done using Renishaw software.

The heart of your CNC control system is still without any flaws but your machine is getting mechanically worn away, resulting in significant inaccuracies in production. Using the modular Renishaw measuring device and Renishaw software deviations in motion while positioning the machine tool coordinates are measured and analyzed. The corrections are evaluated and transferred into the CNC control system. We provide measurement and evaluation of collinearity, straightness and mutual tilts of the machine working axes, planarity of the machine working surfaces, measuring boards with the option of rescraping. Evaluation in the standards of ISO 230-2, VDI / DGQ 3441, ČSN 200300.

Diagnostics by calibration system QC 10

The quality of the individual parts produced on a CNC machine depends mostly on the machine tool accuracy. Mechanically worn parts of the machine itself and a poor geometry of the individual parts necessarily lead to significant inaccuracies in production, downtime and large defectiveness. Based on a good analysis the accuracy of a machine may be often improved only by a correction of the machine tool control system. In the long term, a poor quality of the products must be addressed and possible errors causing the trouble are progressively analyzed.

  • Errors of tools
  • Errors in the drawings
  • Errors in checks
  • Errors in the NC software
  • Errors by the operator

The analysis of errors that may be causing the inaccuracies caught by the quality control requires a lot of time. This results in drop of productivity, or perhaps machine downtime and stopping the work on the given product before the causes are removed.

Our offer

Expert opinions of the technical condition of machines with determining a technical solution of reconstruction. Our company offers checks of geometry and accuracy of your machine before you start the production of the individual parts. The calibration system QC 10 by RENISHAW is the most easy, quick a effective way to check your machine tool. In many cases the first test of the machine shows errors that no one knew about and the repair may dramatically improve the machine accuracy. Test using QC 10 may be applied on machines allowing circular interpolation. For example horizontal and vertical machining centres, laser cutting, horizontal drillers, flame cutting machines, NC lathes etc.

If you really care about the quality and accuracy of your products, do not hesitate to contact our company. We will be happy to help you.

What you get

With our diagnostics you get a certainty that the accuracy of your machine tool is all right. The parts produced by you will have 100% quality, reinforcing the good name of your company. You will get a detailed protocol including a graphically depicted accuracy of the given machine. The measured results including the error analysis will give you an idea of your machine condition, allowing you to plan its maintenance. En example of monitoring graph.

The progress of a machine test

The whole of diagnostics using the calibration system QC 10 takes no longer than 20 min. In testing using Ballbar QC 10 a machines does a motion on a circular path with a known radius based on CNC program. The Ballbar is fastened with a special magnetic clamps between the machine table and spindle. As the machines runs, the instrument records deviations from the pre-programmed circular path. The match of the pre-programmed and actually run path gives evidence of the accuracy of the machine and the Renishaw evaluation software is able to identify 21 individual errors and calculate the share of an individual identified error on the total deviation measured. The identified inaccuracies can be then modified in the CNC machine control system in order to achieve maximum accuracy.

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